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The Attorneys Representing the Plaintiffs

Robert S. Boulter is a board certified specialist in franchise and distribution law and has over 20 years experience in delivering superior legal services and results to franchisees throughout California and nationwide.  Robert’s practice areas include class actions and franchise, employment, and securities investor litigation.

Contact: Robert S. Boulter
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Kravit ▪ Hovel & Krawczyk S.C. (KHK) is a Wisconsin litigation boutique specializing in “aggravated litigation™”. KHK's team of highly-credentialed lawyers has been successfully bringing, defending, and trying difficult cases for 25 years. KHK's practice areas include Commercial Litigation, Fraud and RICO, Class Actions, Antitrust, Insurance Coverage, Appellate Practice, Intellectual Property Litigation, Restrictive Covenants and Executive Compensation, and Securities Law.

Contact: C.J. Krawczyk or Benjamin Glicksman
Kravit, Hovel & Krawczyk S.C.
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Anderson & Karrenberg, P.C. provides aggressive, high-quality and successful legal representation to its clients in complex civil litigation and transactional matters. Collectively, the lawyers at Anderson & Karrenberg have handled hundreds of jury and bench trials, as well as many significant appeals. The firm has extensive experience in class action litigation and has been recognized by Best Lawyers® and U.S. News Media Group as among the best law firms for commercial litigation.

Contact: Jon Harper or Heather Sneddon
Anderson & Karrenberg, P.C.
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