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Joint Press Release: Lease-Operator Drivers Reach Settlement in Class Action Lawsuit

After lengthy litigation, Plaintiffs representing a certified nationwide class of lease-operator drivers have reached a settlement with C.R. England, Inc. and Opportunity Leasing, Inc. (together “Defendants”).  The settlement was the result of good faith, arm’s-length negotiations between the parties over an extended period of time and was achieved through the assistance of a mediator.

The settlement resolves the class action Roberts, et al. v. C.R. England, Inc., et al., Case No. 2:12-cv-00302-RJS-BCW (D. Utah), filed against Defendants in May 2011 on behalf of a class of independent contractors who drove for and leased trucks from Defendants.  Plaintiffs brought a variety of claims related to Defendants’ independent contractor and truck lease program, which Defendants denied and contested.  The agreement settles all claims of Plaintiffs and the Class against Defendants, with neither party conceding any aspect of their positions regarding Plaintiffs’ claims or Defendants’ defenses. 

Under the terms of the settlement, Defendants will, among other things, pay a cash settlement of $37.8 million and grant relief to qualifying Class Members of business debts owed to Defendants.

A spokesman for Defendants stated “We are proud of the opportunity we offered to enterprising people to start and grow their own businesses, much like our founder, C.R. England, did with just one truck.  However, we understand that some were not happy with their experience and we hope that this settlement resolves any lingering concerns.”

C.J. Krawczyk, co-lead attorney for the class, stated “If this settlement is approved, all Class Members will be eligible to receive four-figure cash payments, relief from collection of disputed outstanding debts for truck operations and driving school tuition, and an opportunity for credit and DAC reporting repair.”

To be effective, the settlement must be granted preliminary and final approval by the Court as being fair, reasonable, and adequate to the Class.  Krawczyk added “After more than seven years of litigation, this resolution is timely, and fair. It is being submitted to the Court unopposed.” 

The hearing date for final approval of the settlement has yet to be scheduled. More information will be available at

Counsel for Plaintiffs: C.J. Krawczyk, Kravit Hovel & Krawczyk s.c., Milwaukee, WI; Robert Boulter, San Rafael, CA; Heather Sneddon, Anderson & Karrenberg, Salt Lake City, UT; Jon Harper, Salt Lake City, UT; and Kevin Roddy, Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A., Woodbridge, N.J.

Counsel for Defendants: Neal Ross Marder, Akin Gump Srauss Hauer & Feld LLP, Los Angeles, CA; and James S. Jardine, Ray Quinney & Nebeker, Salt Lake City, UT.